Wednesday, April 13, 2011

all because of the Ramsey cheer

I have started attending a church in Tallahassee called The Well. I absolutely love it and it is truly a blessing! Sunday night I got the pleasure of meeting James Ramsey. James plays right field for Florida State and is good friends with my friend Derek and we all attend The Well together. I have mentioned in past posts that my family and I have season tickets for FSU baseball, well the friends that I sit on the front row love James and we have fondly adopted a cheer that we yell for him at every game. It simply goes as follows .... RAMSEYYYYY.... simple as that. Last night was the FSU vs. Florida baseball game and the stands were sold out, the adrenaline was infectious! As I was sitting in the front row, I noticed a little boy and little girl screaming James's name every time he ran out onto the field, they obviously were huge fans, James would turn around and smile and wave when he saw them and they were so excited! I finally decided that since these kids loved James so much that I needed to get them in on the action and teach them the Ramsey cheer. I got up from my seat during the 7th inning stretch and went and sat on the stairs beside these kids and asked if they wanted to learn James's cheer. They were elated and so of course I was thrilled to teach it to them. The next time James ran out onto the field, I took Trent and Chloe over to the fence and we screamed the Ramsey cheer, they loved it! I took them back over to their mom and she began telling me why they loved James so much. She said about a year ago, Trent had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his nasal cavity and that the FSU Baseball team had kind of taken Trent under their wing and "adopted" him. She said James had really taken to Trent and that they absolutely loved James and that was why the kids were screaming for him. I told her that I could relate with being sick that I as a child had undergone 2 open heart surgeries and angioplasty at 12 and that I would eventually have to have more surgery. I began telling her about Camp Boggy Creek and that it was a camp for critically ill children, that I had attended as a camper during heart week and that I was now a counselor during the summer for sickle cell week and cancer week. She gave me a huge smile and told me they were going to the cancer family weekend for the first time this upcoming November. She said that Trent was a little nervous about going and asked me to talk with Trent about it from a camper and counselor prospective. I sat Trent down on the steps beside me, and in the middle of the FSU vs. Florida game, God presented me with the beautiful opportunity to tell Trent all about Camp Boggy Creek and all the fun he was going to have and that for one week. he would get the chance to play with 200 other kids that had cancer just like he did and that for one week, he could just be a normal kid. Trent informed me that he was a professional at playing :) Camp Boggy Creek changed my life forever because at an early age, I learned that I wasn't alone fighting my disease, there were other children just like me. Last night I got to share that joy and form an unspoken bond with Trent  all because of the Ramsey cheer. When I got home from the game, tears began streaming down my face as I was in such awe at the opportunity God had just allowed me to be a part of, and I am still tearing up typing this now, all because of the Ramsey cheer.

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