Friday, August 19, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Morrell

Lindsay and Andrew got married last Saturday 8/13/2011. They have been together 4 & 1/2 years and their relationship has stood the test of time. They are both so well grounded in their walk with Christ and their wedding was such a testament to their love for each other, but more importantly, their love for Christ. Before they recited their vows, they candidly spoke to each other unscripted on stage and this is something I never will forget. When it was Lindsays turn to speak, she looked at Andrew and said "I have always loved you, before I knew you, I loved you. When I was younger, I began writing love letters to my future husband, I never told you about them, but there are twenty four of them and tonight, you will get them all." I thought this was by far the sweetest thing I had ever heard and it brought tears to my eyes. There's is truly a storybook romance. Congratulations Lindsay and Andrew!!
Felicia and I at the reception

knee deep in the water somewhere

As of 5:30 tonight, Brandy and I are beach bound. I'm so thankful that the Diekman's let us use their beach house whenever we want and that they trust us to be responsible. The Point is truly our home away from home, we have grown up in that beach house and have countless memories there. Brandy and I both have been so stressed lately and it's going to be so nice to get away and escape for the weekend. I thank  God for a best friend like Brandy, we have been best friends since the first day of first grade and we have been through everything together, the good and the bad and we except each other for who we are. I know I can always go to her no matter what and I have really learned the value of friendship. It's so important to have a best friend to go through life with and share all of your problems. Let the weekend begin.

Friday, June 24, 2011

a rainy, curly hair, rain boots, cars 2 kind of day

For the past 2 days, it has been pouring in Tally which is totally fine with me seeming as how I love rain, and more importantly, I love rain boots!!! There's just something about the rain that makes me smile. I love how cozy it is, the sound of the rain drops hitting the roof while you drift off to sleep, or watching the drops fall as you daydream about anything and everything imaginable, and I love how the rain purifies the air and makes everything crisp and alive. and if you know me, you know I'm a rain boot fanatic! I have a zebra pair and a rainbow polka dot pair, I adore jumping into puddles with them on! I also have a hot pink and white rain coat and I'm working on getting a monogrammed umbrella. If you know me, you also know that I am the monogram queen....seriously. :)  I also did not feel like doing my hair this morning which means I scrunched it and that actually turned out great because there is no humidity in the air therefore, my hair has stayed curly all day. SCORE!  and to top it all off, Brandy just texted me and wants to go see Cars 2 tonight EVEN BIGGER SCORE! (we really are such dorks). All in all what we've learned today is that rain + curly hair + rain boots and rain coat + Cars 2 + best friend date = EPIC SUCCESS!!

these are my zebra rain boots :)

these are my polka dot rain boots :)
this is my rain coat :)

and this is the movie that's going to make our night :)

yes, we know we're in college, and yes, we know we're dorks 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

the mission field of Tallahassee

Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy. 1 Peter 1:8

I have often spoken about the heart and desire God has given me for His people. The more I long for Him, the more He is showing me that I don't have to go outside of the country or even Tallahassee to show His love. I now try and see people the way Christ would have me to see them. Tallahassee is such a huge mission field, we have 3 major college campuses. What an awesome ministry God has placed right in front of me! I am reminded over and over of the verse which states, they will know who you follow by your fruit. Our countenance and attitude can make or break the relationships we form with people and first impressions do matter. Can someone see Jesus in you? At my high school graduation, a song was performed and it repeatedly said over and over you may be the only Jesus some will ever see. That has stuck with me and constantly makes me think of the impressions I have made thus far on the people God has allowed me to come into contact with. When people remember me, I want them to remember the love of Christ.

Monday, May 9, 2011

how great is our God

My life has been changing a lot lately. I can honestly say I never thought I would be at the point in my life that I am now, I just thought things would be well... different. I am learning God's precious and perfect timing and I have developed an even greater love for the needs of His people. In the past few weeks I was put on notice with my job of 5 years with the Leon County Property Appraisers Office. Due to county budget cuts, all OPS in our office will be losing their jobs by the end of our fiscal year of September 30th. In essence, it goes a little something like this.... find a new job and get out because DOR could re-review the budget and could come back at any given time and kick us out sooner than September. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a planner. The practical side of me was thinking "seriously, in this economy how in the world am I going to find a new job, college graduates with legit degrees cannot find jobs and people are losing their jobs left and right. yea right, I will not find a new job" but then the Holy Spirit grabbed hold of my heart and when I was given the news, I had a peace. I know that it was the peace of the Holy Spirit telling me "it's all going to be ok."

 I was given notice 3 weeks ago today and in 3 weeks time, my God has truly made himself know. Last Sunday night, my mom was talking to our cousin on the phone who is a paralegal and she mentioned to my mom about this firm she knows that loves to hire college students. She said, "Brooks and LeBoeuf is an awesome Christian law firm, they gather together as a firm each morning and pray as a staff and they truly care about peoples eternity with Christ and I think it would be a great fit for Haley." I emailed Brooks and LeBoeuf last Sunday night at 7:30, Monday morning at 9:30 they called me and wanted me to come in for an interview, Monday at 11:00 I go in for my interview, they asked me how much money I wanted to make per hour, how much I wanted to work with my school schedule, and hired me as their receptionist on the spot!!!! Even though we have all been let go from LCPA, I still felt as though the respectable thing to do was give my 2 weeks notice. I gave my notice last Monday after my interview and my last day with LCPA is this Friday, May 13th. I have started training at the law firm and I love it. My family is going to Destin the 14-17th so my official start date with the firm is Monday, May 23rd. In today's economy, going straight from one job to the next is unheard of, all I can say is it's a God thing. How great is our God?!

Philippians 4:6
Never worry about anything. But in every situation let God know what you need in prayers and requests while giving thanks.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter on the Moon!

Yes people, it's happening. church at the club! At the Well, we are all about reaching the community of Tallahassee and exemplifying the love of Christ, what better way to do it than hosting our Easter service at the Moon? It is such an awesome way to reach people and it can house so many at one time! There will be two services Easter Sunday at 11:15 am and 6:00 pm both at the Moon so come check us out!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

all because of the Ramsey cheer

I have started attending a church in Tallahassee called The Well. I absolutely love it and it is truly a blessing! Sunday night I got the pleasure of meeting James Ramsey. James plays right field for Florida State and is good friends with my friend Derek and we all attend The Well together. I have mentioned in past posts that my family and I have season tickets for FSU baseball, well the friends that I sit on the front row love James and we have fondly adopted a cheer that we yell for him at every game. It simply goes as follows .... RAMSEYYYYY.... simple as that. Last night was the FSU vs. Florida baseball game and the stands were sold out, the adrenaline was infectious! As I was sitting in the front row, I noticed a little boy and little girl screaming James's name every time he ran out onto the field, they obviously were huge fans, James would turn around and smile and wave when he saw them and they were so excited! I finally decided that since these kids loved James so much that I needed to get them in on the action and teach them the Ramsey cheer. I got up from my seat during the 7th inning stretch and went and sat on the stairs beside these kids and asked if they wanted to learn James's cheer. They were elated and so of course I was thrilled to teach it to them. The next time James ran out onto the field, I took Trent and Chloe over to the fence and we screamed the Ramsey cheer, they loved it! I took them back over to their mom and she began telling me why they loved James so much. She said about a year ago, Trent had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his nasal cavity and that the FSU Baseball team had kind of taken Trent under their wing and "adopted" him. She said James had really taken to Trent and that they absolutely loved James and that was why the kids were screaming for him. I told her that I could relate with being sick that I as a child had undergone 2 open heart surgeries and angioplasty at 12 and that I would eventually have to have more surgery. I began telling her about Camp Boggy Creek and that it was a camp for critically ill children, that I had attended as a camper during heart week and that I was now a counselor during the summer for sickle cell week and cancer week. She gave me a huge smile and told me they were going to the cancer family weekend for the first time this upcoming November. She said that Trent was a little nervous about going and asked me to talk with Trent about it from a camper and counselor prospective. I sat Trent down on the steps beside me, and in the middle of the FSU vs. Florida game, God presented me with the beautiful opportunity to tell Trent all about Camp Boggy Creek and all the fun he was going to have and that for one week. he would get the chance to play with 200 other kids that had cancer just like he did and that for one week, he could just be a normal kid. Trent informed me that he was a professional at playing :) Camp Boggy Creek changed my life forever because at an early age, I learned that I wasn't alone fighting my disease, there were other children just like me. Last night I got to share that joy and form an unspoken bond with Trent  all because of the Ramsey cheer. When I got home from the game, tears began streaming down my face as I was in such awe at the opportunity God had just allowed me to be a part of, and I am still tearing up typing this now, all because of the Ramsey cheer.